Radio Olive was hosted to the soft-opening of Progressive Indian Cuisine Restaurant, Dalchini by the Michelin Star Chef Alfred Prasad at Centara West Bay Residences and Suites .

It was a delightful experience as the chef curated a perfect tasting menu with the choicest of dishes. Each preparation was made to touch any Indian’s heart whether a lover of Norther Indian Cuisine or one partial to the Southern Flavors.

As one enters the area they are greeted with a suave yet snug seating. The ambiance is inviting and there are private tables along with family seating arrangements to make sure that patrons are comfortable.

The one thing that Chef Alfred wanted to make sure was that the food brings out an introduction to the Indian culture and its rich cuisine. The selection included truffle oil infused Dal Shorba, Malabar Sea Bass, crispy kale and spinach Patta Chaat and Murg Makhani.

While team Olive gorged on the specialties of Dalchini, the excellent service made sure that the food to beverage ration was kept up to date.

Conversations flowed as one by one, expertly made dishes were presented on the table.

For anyone in Qatar who wants to try Indian cuisine crafted especially for fine dining and taste should definitely give this place a visit. Keep listening to 106.3 FM Radio Olive to know more about “Dalchini” as we explore it further.