The SuperFan (not exaggerating) of Chai, Art and Cinema who brings the Let’s Go spirit to your mornings. #GoNeeti

Neeti is an absolute daydreamer who can toss fuzzy sun shines on you. She comes from the world of Hindustani Classical Music and is also an art enthusiast. She may not get into the technicalities but dreams of sitting in the studio when A.R. Rahman is composing a tune or even when Imtiaz Ali is writing a story. This mademoiselle of Madhya Pradesh lives life cosmopolitan and believes that ‘Home is where the Heart is’. The chai lover is a movie buff and a huge fan of Irfan Khan and Rajkumar Rao… Well, who isn’t?  She swears that she can watch Tamasha, The Book Thief and Into the Wild over and over again… And one more time!

Don’t stop when you’re tired. Stop when you’re done.

Set your goals and work hard for it!


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