The dost you always needed…and the name is Neeraj. #ApnaNeeraj

    This ‘Gyan ki Dukhan’ is the friend that every person has. The guy throws around trivia at the drop of a hat and is known for his witty quirkiness and comebacks! Hopping around every other second, Neeraj oozes with enthusiasm and a love for life. His love for movies sets a new bar for those who believe in the magic of cinema. Nicknamed Mini Bollywood, he can mimic over 10 Bollywood actors at any given time. He is the perfect comedy-wala who takes his listeners on laughter riots – whether On or Off Air!

    I never lose. Either I win or I learn.


    Holi Celebrations in full swing

    Neeraj in a “Rowdy Rathore” Avataar.

    RJ Neeraj Rawat​ in his latest avtaar

    His dubbing skills are way too good to be enjoyed by us alone…So here is a bit of RJ Neeraj in his latest avtaar. Sonakshi Sinha Akshay Kumar Rowdy Rathore #Qatarsown #RadioOlive1063fm #JiyoBindass #IlovemyQatar

    Posted by Radio Olive on Sunday, March 4, 2018

    Faltu News by Faltu Reporter 😀

    Faltu news by RJ Neeraj

    #Breaking Sirf ek minute mein Janiye aaj ki faltu news by RJ NeerajPari Movie Anushka #Qatarsown #RadioOlive1063fm #JiyoBindass #faltusamachar #pari #anushkasharma #IlovemyQatar

    Posted by Radio Olive on Monday, February 19, 2018