Your Jugaad is here! Get ready to meet the only person you’d ever need. All for Harsha, Harsha for All! #everythingharsha

    She is quite literally a walking talking Jugaad for you. She can have a conversation with anyone about anything under the sun and beyond. Her breeze of thoughts and stories might just become your favorite place. This grounded soul believes in a spiritual power that exists to guide us. Music has brought light into her life and she shares that vibe with everyone around her. Harsha also prides herself on being a shopaholic and a fashionista. A foodie at heart who loves trying out different cuisines, she seems to be an eon of knowledge on how to keep fit while munching down on all the pani puri’s that she possibly can. Apart from food, Salman Khan always puts a smile on her pretty face. Harsha is the embodiment of anything that is food, fashion, music, and fun.


    Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.


    Rj Harsha v/s RJ Junior

    Meet and greet with Salman Khan’s Fans at Filli cafe, Qatar.