LUSAIL LIGHT ME FESTIVAL – A Moment of Glare & Glow

The first international light festival in Qatar is going to start from today at Lusail Marina. This is going to be the biggest Light festival ever. The three day festival will showcase vibrant light installations at Eastern Promonade, turning it into a fusion of lights , colours and beautiful sculptures.

Nuno Maya, the co founder of Ocubo that specialises in light video mapping projection, will also be present at the festival. Another notable attraction of this festival is the art form by Indian Light Designer and Architects Vikas Patil & Santosh Gujar  named NEST.  It is an art about bowerbirds from Australia that build nests from recycled materials.

The entire festival will explore the art and cultural heritage of Qatar, represented in a two part installation at the arena.

It is going to be an exciting event that can be enjoyed both by adults and kids.

The three day festival will conclude on 8th dec. The festival starts at 6 PM till 11:30 PM. The entry is free for all.

So, this weekend ,…go and enjoy the illuminations and Jiyo Bindaas…