Life’s Tug Of War

Win Life’s Daily Tug-Of-War With Radio Olive

This Tug-Of-War day, we understand that Life may become quite a tussle. With working long hours to taking care of yourself and making sure to be up on the savings game. Life’s Tug-Of-War may seem difficult to win but we make sure to give you some extra help here. Read on and take our tips to feel like a winner everyday.

  1.  Stop Snoozing : Wake up with that alarm and make sure to Jet-Set-Go. You get more time to schedule your daily chores and our RJs keep you company every one.
  2.  Treat Yourself To Some Great Music : Any mood can get better and any heartache can ease with great music. So tune in to Radio Olive 106.3 FM anytime you want to treat yourself to awesome music that speaks to your soul.
  3.  Avoid The Gossip : Indulging in personal gossip will only make you feel sad and misunderstood. Instead, get on to the latest drama of Bollywood with us on The Bollywood Show.
  4.   Spend Some Time With A Loved One : While it may be difficult for of us to stay away from loved ones back home, make sure to spend at least 20 minutes to connect with them daily to lighten the day. Of course a daily dose of desi-ness will be on for you with Sunset Drive at 5 PM.
  5.   Play Games And Be Active : Whether it is the contests On-Air or it is fun activities like Mall Walks or Talent Hunt brought to you by Radio Olive 106.3 FM, they all have the purpose to keep on top with your talent and make new friends every time. Take part and feel like a winner each time.
  6.   Invite Only The Happiest People In Your Life : People who constantly crib automatically make you feel low on energy. Weed such people and get onto some great energy and happy vibes with RJ Sumit
  7.  Eat Away Your Worries : After a long day of hard work, let food be your comfort and with so many amazing food joints within Qatar, you will be spoilt for choice. To make sure you get the best of choices watch “Food Drive with RJ Lallit” and never worry about what to eat next to feel happy.

Life is meant for winning and we all are the winners in our own way, Happy Tuesday!

Jiyo Bindaas…