Sundays are dedicated to health on Radio Olive 106.3 FM. Given today’s age of fast food, it is easy to gain weight but shedding the kilos becomes very difficult. For this many people resort to dieting and give up on their favorite food. But do you know that dieting is all about healthy eating and not giving up food altogether. You can make healthy eating a lot easier by making sure that you are not buying into any myths. Keep reading below to know more about food myths :

1. Eating celery burns calories : Well not really, celery is basically water so it does reduce the calorie intake if you much on it when hungry instead of other things.
2. Raw carrots are more nutritious than cooked carrots : It is in fact not true at all because cooking breaks down the cellular walls leading to more beta-carotene for human body’s use.
3. Eggs have cholesterol : eggs in fact are a great source for zinc and iron as well as Vitamin D. They are in fact a kind of whole food which should be considered great for dieting.
4. Fewer carbohydrates means fewer calories : In a way it is good for your calorie chart but not so good for the heart chart. It is easier for the heart if you eat whole grains instead of refined or polished rice.
5. Nuts are not good for munching : nuts are packed with great proteins and nutrients so if you want to keep just a handful of them plainly for munching then it shouldn’t be a problem at all.