Keep Your Data Safe This World Backup Day

It is said that in today’s world, you may lose your mind, but you can’t afford to lose data. The World Backup day is here to remind us of the same. As we become more and more dependent on the internet and digital devices for data, it becomes important to safeguard it too. Threats like a malfunctioning device to a malware can make you lose your precious hard-work and for professional it is a nightmare no one wants to live. Backing up your data should not just be restricted to IT companies but as we upload more and more of our life’s moments on our phones, cameras and laptops, it is a task one can’t ignore. So right before April Fool’s Day, this day is a great way of reminding us to keep our data safe without procrastinating it.

Here are a few tips that you can use to make sure your data is free from threat :

1. Prioritize your back-up :

It is important to realize that hoarding hundreds of pictures instead of that important resume will not work in your favor. Additionally, this works well if you have already segregated your data. The process will help to further your speed while doing back-up.


2. Good Data Security :

One can not predict a malware attack or a gadget malfunction, hence it is important that you have your contingency plans at hand. Investing into a good data security will give you added benefits while backing up your data.


3. Tiered Data Management Strategy :

While looking for data recovery there are many tools and backup solutions that are available in the market. Each one provides a unique solution to your data problems and gives you different scopes of data recovery. A multi-tiered approach is hence more beneficial.


4. Offsite backups or hardcopies for required data :

Having all your data on the cloud or drive may not be ideal if you must document important information. It is always advised that you have at least 3 backups of your data. A primary repository, a secondary repository and finally a hard copy should always be available at your disposal.


5. Archived storage : 

Backup for business solutions and private firm holders becomes even more important. In such cases Archived storages are the apt solution as they add an added layer of security to the data. Simultaneously, it eliminates chances of tampering, corruption and ransomware.

Additional Tip : Make sure to regularly back-up your data at intervals so as to retrieve it with ease.