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On this International Mother Language Day, we at Radio Olive want to celebrate your connection with us  in each of the RJs Mother Language. These lines are the closest to the RJs heart as it gives us the first impression of being close to all of you as our listeners remember us through these heartfelt lines and conversations. Read on to know which lines floor your favourite RJ and find how we have a way for you to show some extra love to them.

RJ Kabir :

“Kaun-o-makan mein yaaron abaad hain to hum hain…

Is arz aur sama ki buniyaad hain to hum hain…

Vahdat se ta-bakasrat sab se zuhur apna,

Har ek hain to hum hain haftad hain to ham hain…”

Meaning : Kabir’s inherent personality is all about making friends and these lines speak the same. Happiness for his listeners lead him to happiness for himself.

RJ Harsha :

“Whats up yaraaaaa! Harsha naam hai mera!

Swagat nahi karoge humara?! Yes! Sahi pakde hain, Salman is my 2nd love because 1st to aap hain!”

Meaning : The very bubbly Harsha makes sure to be there with her love for Salman and you properly in place with no biases and she has no qualms keeping her stars, You, as her priority!

RJ Simran :

“Haanji, KIDDAAAAN? Naame mera Simran te shehar mera Patiala…

Saare rang chhad ke aapan paying meri pasand da rang, Kaala.

Dil vich saade thode layi, LOVE YOU 100 KILOwala pyaar…

Ji hot phir kiddan?”

Meaning : Her large Punjabi heart that contains 100 kilograms of love is only expressed through these lines. This girl from Patiala is one who will forever have your smiles on her mind.

RJ Sumit :

“Namaskaaram… Radio Olivele aage olla oru Hindi Malayali. Ente peru RJ Sumit. Our Ice cream lover, biker, Mohanlal fan enthu venamengilum enne vilikaam. Swadesham Edappal, Miami of Kerala.

Enne kelkaaam Radio Olive 106.3 FM. Nammuku adipoli aakaam. Jiyo Bindass ( Ithinte Malayalam arayilla )”

Meaning : The happiest RJ of Radio Olive, the only Hindi-Malayalam jock, RJ Sumit, 1 ice cream lover, biker, Mohan Lal fan, you can call him whatever you want. From the town of Edappal, the Miami of Kerala for Sumit, he bring his fresh and delightful smile which echoes, JIYO BINDAAS!

RJ Neeraj :

“Sunne walon ka bada bhai, Neeraj neeli aankhon wala, mast maula jo jeeta hi hai bindaas. Jitni tareef karun khud ki, wo kam hai…

Har taraf bas hum hi hum hain.”

Meaning : His more-than-fun personality is something that every single person whether on radio or around him, enjoys to the core. The literal Blue-Eyed boy of Radio Olive makes sure he passes on the infectious laugh to all who listen.

RJ Priyanka :

“Kem cho? Hun chhu RJ Priyanka, Mari sauthi favorite city Baroda che ane jamwa ma mane fafda ane jalevi bauaaj game che. Hun baar varsh pella radio ma aavi hati ane sharuvaat baroda thi thai chee. Aav jo hun.”

Meaning : Her first love that happened 12 years ago in the city of Baroda and led her till here, Radio’s die-hard lover, Priyanka expresses her love through these lines.

RJ Lallit :

“Mera naam hai RJ Lallit, aapki raaton ka humsafar…

Jo le jata hai aapko, beete zamaane ke hindi cinema ki yaadon ke galiyaaron me.

Ek kahanikaar, jo shabdo ke taane baano ko piro kar aapko ek yaadgaar Anubhav de jaata hai…

Aap apne baare me kucch bataen…”

Meaning : The inspired knowledge of Bollywood in his soothing voice is what he loves to offer every night on Radio Olive. RJ Lallit shares his love for the language and listeners as he takes you through a dreamy journey of yesteryears’ Bollywood.  

Now that you know what your favorite RJs love to speak about in their Mother Language, you have the chance to impress them with your skills.

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Send your favourite lines to your favourite RJ along with your name and enjoy the conversation with Radio Olive, Jiyo Bindass!

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