Make Holidays Happier For Your Kids With Radio Olive

Holidays are the most exciting time for kids and equivalently tiring for the adults. While the kids are out of school, parents must ensure to bring out their A-game to keep our highly energetic and inquisitive kids entertained. While video-games may be a way to calm a few but encouraging them to be healthy and creative is just as important. Here we can give you a few tips to make sure that your keep your kids healthy and entertained throughout the day :

kids vacation

1. Chalk and board :

You may try to trivialize this, but trust this! Colored chalks on the board are so much better than bored children coloring the wall. If you have a little time, get on it yourself and you feel your stress melting away.

2. Kiddy-pool :

A safe alternate, this will keep the children safe within your sight and it would be a great way to keep them cool and occupied for a while.

3. Play-doh

There is no doing away with this mouldable piece of pure fun and boredom-killer. Kids are always intrigued by all the things they can do and the texture is especially intriguing to them.

4. Cooking without fire

Making little kid-friendly snacks is especially and engaging activity with children. It gives them the added bonus of engaging in conscious and healthy eating while making sure to inculcate an important skill.

5. Karaoke :

It is not just for you big kids, but for little kids too. Just download their favourite kids rhymes and you are giving them visual cues as well as keep them musically engaged.

6. Soapy fun :

Make a soapy water at home with 1 part detergent and 3 part water. Let the blow around a few bubbles and be busy for quite some hours.

7. Blanket forts :

Let them be the king or queen of their little kingdom called home. Let them make a blanket fort at home. Make it even better by adding fairy lights to it.


If you have any more tips for the modern parents, do share with our RJs through our Radio Olive app’s Chat with RJ section. Add yours to have more fun and have some great conversation with them only on Radio Olive, Qatar’s Number 1 Hindi Radio Station.