Qatar has had a rich history with many archaeological structures to its name. Out of the many treasures that it has, here is a noteworthy one: Freiha Settlement.

On first look, Freiha looks like a small deserted village on the northwestern coast of the Qatar Peninsula in the Al Shamal municipality. It is located just 3 kms north of the Zubarah town and was founded by the Al Bin Ali tribe belonging to the historical town.

The town is so old that the origins are still unknown, even though excavations and historical documents suggest it had its heydays in 17th to the 18th century. The settlement is spread across 50 hectares and interestingly placed around the shallow bay.

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Freiha piqued interests of archaeologists in the year 2005. In the next few years, more and more discoveries were made about the site and its surrounding settlement.  Archaeologists discovered a central mosque, domestic structures and middens.

The main attraction of the Frieha settlement is Qal’at Freiha, a tall fortified building which is 45m square with remnants of corner towers in the Islamic style. Inside this structure, other domestic structures and date presses are also seen.

These sheltered only an approximate of 150 people who were fisherman by profession.

Freiha settlement has an interesting intertidal stone fish traps on the shallow bay to enhance their livelihood.

As the weather picks up, the ideal time to visit is before 3rd week of April or after September.

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