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Radio Olive and IWA for ‘Bandhan’, a beautiful event organised by Indian Women Association on December 21st at Holiday Inn showcasing the bond between mothers and children. ‘Bandhan‘ was a lively event wit a number of mothers and children have actively taken part in. Mrs Ritu Kumaran, wife of Mr. P Kumaran who is the Ambassador of […]

Techno Blue – 7 Beautiful Days Contest. Happiness is when we can see a smile on our listener’s faces. 7 Beautiful Days – was a contest which was wholly aimed at our listener’s interaction and happiness. The team introduced new creative games each day as part of the contest and people simply loved it. The final […]

Invisible Box Challenge is one of the latest internet trend followed by millions of people. It’s a small challenge where one has to assume there is an invisible box in front of them and have to jump over the box with fixing one leg on the invisible box. Ariel Olivar, a cheerleader’s video of Invisible Box Challenge […]

When Radio Olive ‘s RJ Harsha brought together Salman’s fans around Qatar to celebrate his birthday in a damdar style.

As a part of Qatar National Day, a group of Indians plans to create a musical album about Qatar. Pappa media productions in association with Radio Olive and Radio Suno launches ” Kaho Kaho Suno Suno ”. It’s a musical tribute to Qatar and they have done a beautiful visualization. Let’s together celebrate Qatar National […]

National Day Celebration Cup brings a lot of international talents to Qatar each year. This time your favourite players will talk about something other than cricket. Pro Event organizes this event as a part of Qatar National Day and official radio partner is Radio Olive 106.3 FM. Cricket matches are always an enthusiastic game as it […]

Radio is a museum where you can learn myriad things. Radio Olive 106.3 FM is here to meet and greet all kids. Those curious little buds from different schools can explore this opportunity to understand more about Radio. The visit of Pearl School students was a great experience for us as those kids took us […]

December 18th, Qatar National Day. Each and every part of the country is set to celebrate the most important day of Qatar. Pro event ensures the celebration is double by conducting a big celebrity cricket match”National Day Celebration Cup”. Qatar stars XI and Asia Stars XI will be competing for each other and we all are […]

Listen to Radio Olive 106.3 FM and win a Desert Safari camp. The Desert Safari will be at Khor Al Adaid which is a beautiful land surrounded by large golden sand dunes which gift us an extraordinary view.  December 18th, 2017, get ready to explore the world of sand dunes and authentic Arabic dishes. A […]

    Dhow Cruise Dinner with RJ’s !!! The first meet and greet with your favorite RJ’s. 7th December 2017, Radio Olive RJ’s enjoyed a lot as they all traveled with you on a Dhow Cruise for three hours. An evening packed with lots of fun and entertainment. You guys were awesome and extremely talented. Thanks for […]

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