The fan ID, that provides access to all international and local fans during World Cup 2022, is now digital, allowing visitors seamless access to enter the country, to stadiums and to free transportation once in the country. 

Hayya Digital Card serves as the entry permit to Qatar and provides free public transportation services – including metro, bus and taxis. This was announced in a press conference on Thursday.  

Citizens and residents need their ticket number, Qatar ID number and date of birth details to apply for Hayya card, while visitors need ticket number, accommodation details and personal information. 

Once approved, the digital version of the fan id will be available in the Hayya mobile app. 

“Hayya Digital Card is also available in the physical form for fans and that can be collected from our collection points but the digital one is sufficient,” said Saeed Al Kuwari, executive director of the Hayya platform

A Hayya Match Day Pass was also introduced which will be an entry permit valid for upto 48 hours from the designated arrival date. This pass will apply to all international ticket holders who do reside in Qatar during the tournament. For the Match Day Pass, spectators need a valid FIFA Match ticket and a valid passport.

Meanwhile Omar Al Jaber, Executive Director of Accommodation, Supreme Committe said that there are lot of options available on the website for visitors, including villas, apartments, holiday homes, fan villages and floating hotels. 

All the villas and apartments will have four- and five-star services which will include housekeeping, reception, luggage handling and all such services. The floating hotels will include two cruise ships in Doha Port with 4000 rooms available for fans. The fan villages at more than one site will be provided by private sectors and have full services for guests who book it. 

Al Jaber added that it would be wise for visitors to book their accommodation early as there are lots of options available to choose from.

SOURCE – https://thepeninsulaqatar.com/article/26/05/2022/hayya-card-goes-digital-provides-seamless-access-to-qatar-2022-fans