One of the most popular websites on the Internet, Wikipedia turns 19 today. The website has something for everyone, whether it is the how-to articles or academia. From the variety of languages and the contributions that it hosts, Wikipedia is a part of our daily routine. Since it became public on 15 January 2001, Wikipedia has taken the internet by storm. Makers, Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, have always been very clear about a platform for public contributions making it a website for the masses. To mark the spirit of Wikipedia, we share some amazing facts about the website :

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Source : commons.wikimedia.org

1.  “Hotel Wikipedia”
Wikipedia’s theme song is a spin-off of the original song “Hotel California” by the Eagles. This song was specifically made for all Wikipedia lovers.
2. Millions of Article Collection
The website has an awe-inspiring collection of articles wherein the English Wikipedia has 5.5 Million live articles. Along with this, 600 new articles get added to the database everyday.
3. Wikipedians
Yes, the people using this website are called Wikipedians. Presently, there are more than 32.5 million people who are registered users of Wikipedia.

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4. Language Diversity
Wikipedia has always tried to be as inclusive as possible. Currently the website hosts articles in 299 different languages.
5. Wikipedia Day Celebration
Since the year 2010 the website has its own day of celebration too. A certain Wikipedia page lists all meetups and places where Wikipedia Day is commemorated.
6. Second Most Views On A Single Day
Very interestingly, the second most viewed page on a single day was that of Steve Jobs. On the day of his death, the legend’s page garnered 7.4 Million views.
7. TIME Enlisted
In 2017, Wikipedia was declared as third most visited website after Google and Amazon by TIME magazine.


Source : vestnikkavkaza.net