Gulzar is a man who has penned down almost every feeling that one can relate to. Whether it is the beauty of love, the hardship of separation or the bliss of being with your own self. Numerous awards that have added shine to his decorated writing are only testimony of his brilliance. From Indian awards, to Academy and Grammy awards, it is not just the lyrics he writes for Bollywood, but the pearls of poetry that he has given to the world. His journey started out with composer S.D. Burman , and then moved on to direction with movies like “Aandhi” and “Mausam” as well as the much loved TV Series, Mirza Ghalib. Gulzar’s work touches people from every generation and 106.3 FM Radio Olive has picked out some wonderful gems from Bollywood for everyone to rejoice :


1. Tujhse Naraaz Nahi Zindagi
From the movie “Masoom”, this one is a subtle expression of the biases of life and how the main protagonist deals with it all.


2. Dil Dhundta Hai
Bhupinder’s magical voice renders the much required poignant note to this song as the screen is lit up by the chemistry of Sanjeev Kapoor and Shrmila Tagore.


3. Mera Kucch Samaan
One of the writer’s personal favorite, love associated with time and all that is bygone but fondly remembered, Anuradha Patel is still embedded in everyone’s mind because of this song.


4. Chhaiyya Chhaiya
Much applauded dance number of early 2000s, it showed the versatility of Gulzar and the kind of hold he had on the pulse of every generation.

5. Chup Chup Ke
The flavor of the song was purely of newfound love and the blooming feeling in every new lover’s heart. The impossibilities of the feeling were penned aptly by Gulzar.
  1. Namak Ishq Ka
Bipasha’s presence on screen only accentuated the lyrics of the song. Vishal Bhardwaj wanted the essence of “Omkara” to be filmed in this subtle yet powerful song and the result was “Namak Ishq Ka”.
7. Jai Ho
An Academy award winner, this one gave India a well deserved recognition at the Academy awards, and for good reason, all thanks to Gulzar.