As we try to keep ourselves safe from the COVID-19 infection, gloves do come in handy for all. While going out shopping, touching currency or caring for the sick, disposable gloves have been recommended for many but still many have confusions while using them. Please find below a few precautionary  guidelines to keep in mind when using disposable gloves and the right way to dispose them as per Ministry Of Public Health :

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How to gloves protect from Covid-19? 

– Gloves will not protect against COVID-19. One has to clean their hands regularly with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer for at least 20 seconds to gain protection than simply wearing gloves.

– One can contract infection if they constantly keep touching their face even after wearing gloves if they have touched any infected surface.


When should a person wear gloves? 

Gloves are only recommended while doing specific activities :

– When performing housekeeping activities, such as general cleaning and disinfecting

– When handling food, when providing direct care for a person suspected of having COVID-19, such as

– Handling dirty laundry, washing dishes & tools or handling waste


What is the procedure to safely use gloves?

– Always sanitize hands by either washing them for 20 seconds with soap and water or rub alcohol based sanitizer.

– Dispose off gloves after each use.

– Always change gloves if you feel they are contaminated torn

– Never reuse or wash Disposable gloves.