Radio Olive 106.3 FM is bringing all updates and advisory given by the Ministry of Qatar to limit the COVID-19 pandemic. Please find below the advisory that has been issued for any close contact of a confirmed Covid-19 case.
“A close contact of a Covid-19 case is the one who has face-to-face contact for at least 15 minutes or is in the same closed space for at least two hours with a Covid-19 case,” according to an advisory posted on social media by the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) yesterday.
The following steps need to be taken “if you are a close contact as defined above”:
1. Isolate yourself at home or in another facility for 14 days after exposure to the case
2. Stay in a separate room
3. Use a separate toilet that is not used by others
4. Wear a mask when leaving the room
5. Maintain social distancing with others (at least 2m)
5. Watch out for fever, cough, sore throat or flu-like symptoms
Further on “If you develop symptoms”, then the following needs to be done:
1. Call 16000, they will assess you and advise on what to do next
2. Continue to keep yourself apart from other people
3. Wear a mask if you have one
4. Do not travel on public transport, use taxis or ride-shares, and do not visit any public places
5. If you are seriously unwell and it is an emergency, call 999 immediately
“All other household members should” do the following:
1. Maintain social distance from the confirmed case (at least 2m)
2. Watch out for fever, cough, sore throat and flu-like symptoms
3. Not to be subject to self-isolation unless the close contact (identified above) had or developed symptoms or tested positive for Covid-19.
The advisory stressed that “if contacts, and contacts of contacts of confirmed Covid-19 patients develop any symptoms, please call the helpline – 16000 – and report on their exposure to the patient or developing symptoms”.