As we all observe social distancing to stay away from Coronavirus infection, the Government of Qatar has been working hard to make it easier for us all. From giving out constant reminders to providing medical and financial assistance to all, the crisis has been handled well by the State of Qatar. At this time, it only becomes imperative for all of us to understand the importance of this time and help out by staying safe and sanitized at home. Among the many news, the following are some good ones that we can all feel a little brighter about :

1. This Sunday the Qatar Government and Microsoft partnered together to make work-from-home much easier. Together they plan to implement modern workplace solution with Microsoft team is easing in working remotely for all employees. This workplace is said to create a more modern setup with security that allows much more ease. This will help serve uninterrupted delivery to business and citizens.

2. In a great move Qatar Airway’s is now giving extension to its loyalty program. Qatar Airway’s Privilege Club is much sought after. Now QA will be extending the loyalty program or reinstating depending on the status of members for 12 months. This is for members whose membership was to expire before January 31, 2021. Members can continue to enjoy benefits such as upgrades, Shop and Pay with Qmiles, extra baggage among others.

3. More new medical equipment has been made by research team from Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. The Department, represented by students and faculties has designed QU-CENG laboratories and workshop products using 3D printers. This is seen as a great benefit for the medical service sector in the State Of Qatar.