The quintessential villain of Bollywood, Prakash Raj has been a known face for cinema viewers for years. A favorite with directors like Mani Ratnam and Priyadarshan, he was cast for all 3 versions of Wanted (Hindi and Tamil, Pokirri as well as Telugu, Pokiri) for his incredible performance. In his career spanning almost 3 decades, he has 5 National Awards to his name.  Applauded by people like Salman Khan and Mahesh Babu alike, Prakash Raj is a name a reckon with. Here are some of his bejeweled performances from the silver-screen :


1. Iruvar 

A movie that Mani Ratnam himself says to be his best work till date, it isn’t a surprise that Prakash Raj was a part of it. Playing the role of small time writer Tamizhselvan who is blinded by his love for his friend and how the film unfolds further, the hold on the role was only possible with an actor like Raj.

1 9



2. Singham 

The Hero of the story was as prominent as the villain of the story. The main hero’s part may have been taken by the stalwarts of the respective industries in which it was made, but the villain was convincingly played by one and only Parkash Raj.

2 8



3. Wanted 

Bollywood version, Tamil version or the Telugu version, all three had a common story and a solid case of an antagonist that could only be played by 1 man. The fluency of the character was not missed in any version thanks to Prakash’s talent.

3 7



4. Anniyan/Aparichit 

A corrupt system forces the hero to become an anti-hero and supporting role of DCP Prabhakar uncovers the whole mystery of the plot, which is worth a watch. While Vikram is a convincing man in his triple-role or sorts, Prakash is able to woo the audience with his performance as well.

4 8



5. Dhaya 

Another classic which the man produced himself, this movie deals with the interesting character of Dhaya, a rowdy from Chennai. The plot develops itself into a typical masala movie with a message. It is no surprise that Prakash Raj got a National Film Award-Special Jury Award for Best Actor South.

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