Olive Suno Radio Network did an exclusive pre-launch for the event Garangao Fiesta, the event is going to take place on Thursday, 14th of April.

Garangao is the biggest traditional Ramadan celebration for kids, and Olive Suno network’s bonanza invites children aged 3 to 12 were invited to participate in the Garangao Fiesta for celebration with games, dance, music and lots of fun.

Olive Suno Radio Network Co-founder and MD Ameer Ali Paruvally did the inauguration, with the MD and co-founder plus the brand manager of Halamama.

Garangao encourages children to learn about traditions and brings a chance to connect with each other, as well as to the community during the holy month.

The successful pre-launch event has set high hopes for the upcoming Garangao Fiesta, as children and parents get ready to partake in the celebration of Garangao with Olive Suno Radio Network.