4th of August is Friendship Day and we at 106.3 FM Radio Olive are extremely excited to celebrate this day with our lovely listeners. Our friendship with our listeners inspires us to be amazing every day and hence, each RJ has got something special lined up through out this special day. Read on to know about all he fun things that will happen on Friendship Day :

Get Set Go
Friendship Day is going to begin with the most iconic friendship duo of Qatar, RJ Priyanka and RJ Neeraj. Friendship and its topic are going to dynamic with the pair as they discuss “Pyaar Mein Junoon Hai, Dosti Mein Sukoon Hai”.
Meter Down
As we grow so do our friendships, and RJ Simran is going to talk all about friendship at different stages of life. No matter what age you are at, her show will make you miss your friends with certainty.

The Bollywood Show
The ever-curious, ever-bubbly Harsha is going to speak about the most iconic current Bollywood friendships and what keeps them going in their busy lifestyle. From Kareena-Amrita-Malaika to Karan Johar-Kajol, she has all of them covered for you.

Sunset Drive
Life gets busy but we still make sure to keep in touch with our best friends. Whether it is through those consistent memes-barrage of fixing a weekly call-time with our long-distance best friends, sharing ourselves is extremely important. RJ Naina and RJ Kabir will be talking about these little but highly important things we all do to be close to our friends.

Kya Zamaana Tha
Old is gold, and older thee friendship, closer it is to the heart. Bollywood has had such iconic friendship from yesteryear which RJ Sumit will celebrate on his show. From Dev Anand-Guru Dutt to Ashok Kumar- Mohammed Rafi, Sumit will take you through never before heard journey of friendship of these legends.