World Bicycle Day on the 3rd June is a fun and interesting way to engage all of us into a very important arena : care about the environment in a healthy way. We all remember our first bicycles from childhood and all the races to school that we had back in the day. As time has passed, more and more motorized vehicles have taken over the road and pollution has taken over our health. We have forgotten the health benefits that this simple, cost-effective and environment friendly device provides. So much so that even stars like Salman Khan give it a regular hit. Here at 106.3 FM Radio Olive we give you a few tips that should inspire you to take up cycling too on this World Bicycle Day :


1. Salman Khan is doing it so it is definitely an inspiration.

2. 1 hour of cycling burns close to 1000 calories as your stamina improves.

3. Cycling benefits the heart and is great for cardiovascular functions.

4. It helps immensely with reduction of diabetes risk.

5. Cycling helps eliminate stress from the body and mind.

6. For those who want to slow down the ageing process, cycling can help them too.

7. Cycling is also helpful in improving the sleep cycle and balances the circadian rhythm.

8. And finally, it is great for the environment as there is no pollutants involved while working the simple device.