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Discovering Qatar can surprise you with glimpses to its rich heritage like  the beautiful Ar Rakayat Fort, also known as the Qal’at Al Rakayat. Located at the north-west of Doha, it is one of the several desert forts one can visit in the country. Let’s get to know a little more about this architectural monument […]

Happy Birthday to the actress who doesn’t mince her words whether on-screen or off it. Kangana Ranaut is known as much for her controversies as she is known for her choicest roles. On her 32nd birthday, here are 5 amazing films which made all of Bollywood get up and take notice of this talented actor. […]

If you ever want to experience a country’s culture, it must be done by tasting the local cuisine that it has to offer. Qatar 2019 Food Festival is a place which has been taking care of that for almost a decade now. The 10th Anniversary Edition of Qatar International Food Festival (QIFF) is a delight […]

From “Ruk Ruk Ruk” to “Kajrare”, versatile singer Alisha Chinai has been wooing us with her voice for almost 3 decades. Her groovy numbers were a hit throughout the 80s and till now. Here is a list of Chinai’s amazing songs that you shouldn’t skip especially today. On Alisha Chinai’s 54th birthday, 106.3 FM Radio […]

Reading is a recluse that people choose when they want to travel through the recesses of their mind. Simply put, when you are tired and in no mood for social media and related disturbances, books can become your best friend. All you have to do is pick up any one that interests you; kid’s story, […]

We all have some or the other things that we refuse to part with. Whether it is our old books, our shoes, or our UNO cards. On this Old Stuff Appreciation Day, let us remember the collections that reminds us of a simpler and more fun time with 106.3 FM Radio Olive. Read on and […]

Musical Maestro Rahman has been a part of every playlist in the 90s. He started out his career in 1990s and since then, it has been 27 years A.R. Rahman has been enthralling us with his music. Here at 106.3 FM Radio Olive, we make sure that you get the best of his chartbusters. Here’s […]

Holidays are the most exciting time for kids and equivalently tiring for the adults. While the kids are out of school, parents must ensure to bring out their A-game to keep our highly energetic and inquisitive kids entertained. While video-games may be a way to calm a few but encouraging them to be healthy and […]

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment’s (MME) Public Cleaning Department has implemented a cleaning campaign of the northern-western beaches of the country stretching across 75 km.   Save our ocean! We only have one! The main objective of this campaign is to reduce the number of waste materials on these beaches by raising beachgoers’ awareness […]

On this International Mother Language Day, we at Radio Olive want to celebrate your connection with us  in each of the RJs Mother Language. These lines are the closest to the RJs heart as it gives us the first impression of being close to all of you as our listeners remember us through these heartfelt […]

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