Bees are amazing creatures that help with maintaining a whole ecosystem. They are responsible for pollination of all species of plants and provide us with honey. These are only but a few outer characteristics of the tiny animals. On this World Bee Day Radio Olive share with you cool facts about bees which will surely fascinate all:

1. Bees change their jobs as they change their brain chemistry.

If a bee is being promoted or demoted (as we say in our language) then their brain chemistry also change accordingly making separate neural pathways.

2. Bees can recognize faces of human beings.

Not exactly like an elephant, but bees also able to differentiate between human faces. Friendly faces are distinguished from not-so-friendly ones easily.

3. Bees have their own unique personalities.

It is true, some bees are very outgoing while others are shy. This shows up with the way they discover their flower base for collecting nectar.

4. All worker bees are females.

Females are the most hardworking of the lot. Males generally stay at the beehive to make more compartments for the Queen to lay eggs.

5. Bees love blue and love cluster plants like lavender and rosemary.

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