Salman Khan
Bollywood has been giving us many moments of gold at this time of social distancing. While many stars have been sharing their home-cooking, others are sharing quirky home décor projects and workout videos. Below are some exciting times that Bollywood celebs have been sharing with all their fans. Read on and enjoy.

1. Kajol reaches 10M followers on Instagram

In the cutest Kajol-way possible, the actress celebrated her 10 million followers on Instagram. She posted a small video of her dancing in the movie “Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham”. The adorable shot is of her busting out fun moves in the lanes of Chandni Chowk. No wonder, she is such a natural in her movies.


Source : www.instagram.com

2. Recreation of “Maine Pyar Kiya” by Salman Khan

In the times of social-distancing Salman is also showing off his creative side. After showcasing his painting, he is now directing small yet fun videos. This one has a great twist at the end between how things have changed for him after the self-quarantine by this before and after video with “Maine Pyar Kiya”. Check it out now.  

Salman Khan

Source : www.instagram.com

3. Surprise relationship of singer Mika Singh and Chahatt Khanna

It came as a surprise for many fans of both the celebs. Both shared some very sweet pictures of being in self-quarantine together. Chahatt also mentioned how she is happy to share house-hold chores with the singer. Well, all the best to the duo.

Mika Singh

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4. Celine Jaitley’s comeback movie

Celine is all ready with “Season’s Greetings”. This is the name of her new movie which is set to release on Zee5 app. As most Bollywood celebs are turning the online way to salvage release of their films, the actress is more than happy to have her film release for all on the online streaming platform.
Celine Jaitley
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