As the melody Queen will turn 86 tomorrow, radio olive celebrates her wonderful journey with few facts that proves she is the ultimate MELODY QUEEN of Hindi cinema.


  1. She is the legend who has sung over 11,000 songs in more than 20 Indian languages but any can you guess which is the one song that people love requesting the most? scroll down to know.


PIYA TU AB TO AAJA “It’s one of the two songs that people always request. The other one is ‘Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko’

  1. “She completely lets go of herself while recording a song,” says composer Clinton Cerejo, who remembers being mesmerized while listening to Bhosle record ‘Mujhe rang de’ (Thakshak, 1999). “When she performs, she’s not just singing. It’s like she’s narrating a story to you. That’s her USP.”

  1. Mohammad would make sure, in the days before air conditioning, that Asha ji was always comfortable — he’d get the fans turned on for her. Kishore Kumar thought her genius lay in her collaborative skills. “He used to like that Asha ji surrendered to her composers completely. He told her that she is the only singer who experimented; she slipped in a bit of dialogue in the song and she even screamed if the composer wanted a bit of quirk.”

  1. She had the emotional range for a mujra, a cabaret song, a romantic song or a sad song.

Bhosle made a career out of the “vamp songs” that others refused and formed a great friendship with the actors that featured in them. “Helen ji used to visit her during recordings sometimes, “She used to get chocolates. Asha ji was so smitten by her looks that she used to tell her that I’d have run away with her if I were a boy!”


  1. She has lent her voice to multiple generations of actors from Madhubala (her favourite,she says) to Mumtaz, from Rekha and Hema Malini to Madhuri Dixit and Karishma Kapoor; right up to Gracey Singh in ‘Radha kaise na jale’ in the Oscar-nominated film, Lagaan. Her last chartbuster, ironically, was the recreation of her own song ‘Hungama ho gaya’ from Queen (2013), in which composer Amit Trivedi retained her vocals.

  1. Besides being a music maestro, Asha Bhosle is a skilled cook. Her family, friends and colleagues in the industry swear by her delicious meals, especially her prawn patties and paya curry


In fact, prompted by her love of food, Asha has started her restaurants in, Qatar, Kuwait, and Birmingham and Manchester in UK.  Called Asha’s, the restaurants serve signature dishes inspired by Asha’s childhood and RD Burman’s favorite meals, with the singer’s all-time hits playing in the background.