Garangao is a festival of celebration and fun. At the present time of social-distancing #bigbmeetup has brought us all together through social media to enjoy this festival. During Garangao children dress up in traditional attires and sing festive songs. This time, as we all have to maintain social distancing, host and founder of #bigbmeetup Bosco Menezes will be hosting the celebration for everyone over their Facebook page. As the popular community event @bigbfotographi has gone virtual, for their 3rd online episode, it will be a celebration of Garangao. On Saturday, 9th May #bigbmeetup will go live at 8 pm with Bosco who will be speaking with Hend Fakhro and Sabika Shabaan . Both are accomplished mothers who will share how they cope with COVID-19 at this time and share their experience of engaging their kids. There will also be videos played of children singing the traditional Garangao song.

So make sure to participate in the #bigbmeetup Children’s Special to celebrate Garangao. Sendin in your videos of kids singing the popular Garangao song and it will be shared on the Live session of this virtual #bigbmeetup. There will also be surprise hampers for the most liked rendition via a poll.

Radio Olive is the Radio partner for the event