The ultimate movie that strengthened Amitabh Bachchan’s presence in Bollywood was ‘Don’ in the year 1978. Even though many actors had their reservations about it, Amitabh gave the movie his best. It is that hard-work which placed this film in the cult status. Read on to know some awesome trivia about the movie :

1. At the beginning of the film when Iftekhar, who plays DSP De Silva, saying names of the fictional smugglers, he mentions Haribhai Zariwala, which was the real name of late actor Sanjeev Kumar.

2. Amitabh’s look was inspired from a character played by Sanjeev Kumar in his film Naya Din Nayi Raat. Sanjeev plays 9 characters in the film and one of them is the role of a masterji where he eats paan and has oily hair.

3. Kalyanji Anandji used Barry White’s 1974 classic Theme from Together Brother’s as one of the main background music piece’s in the film. They used main theme music of the song and added more instruments. Barry White’s classic song was later redone by The Quad City DJ’s in the song ” Come On Ride The Train” in 1996.

4. Pran was paid more salary than Amitabh Bachchan, even though Amitabh played the male lead.

5. Don’s background music was reused in the commentary part of the film Mr. X (1987). Commentary was done by Amjad Khan.

6. Farida Jalal had shot a 5 minute scene in the film. Her scene was at the Bombay airport. She played the daughter of the real RK Malik ( Pinchoo Kapoor). She is threatened by the fake RK Malik ( Om Shiv Puri) that if she does not go along with the plan ( To happily greet the fake RK Malik and hug him at the airport), he will kill her dad . Satyen Kappu is growing very suspicious of the fake RK Malik, is following him discreetly. The director and Salim Javed felt Farida Jalal character was not adding anything to the film and it was only increasing the length. They took the final and hard decision to delete her role completely from the film.

7. Saroj Khan who was just a side dancer at that time went many a times to watch the film at a particular theatre in Bombay just to watch the song Khaike Paan Banaraswala the theatre authorities started reconsigning her that everyday she purchases the ticket only to watch this song they later asked her not to purchase any ticket but a seat will be kept vacant for her and she can come and watch the song at that particular time.