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Doha Metro has been functional for just a few days and it has been gathering a lot of appreciation. It is making commuting across the Doha easy and exciting as it connects all major commercial destination. Still in the developing phase, the Doha Metro Red Line South is a fine example of what is to come. In the upcoming time a lot many developments shall be seen in the Doha Metro and here are some that Qatar will get to see soon:


1. The first phase of Doha Metro will be completed by 2020.

2. The first phase will have 3 lines: Red, Gold and Green Metro.

3. 75 trains will be running on the line which consist of 3 type of cars.

4. The 3 types of cars are namely: Gold, Family Class and Standard.

5. The Gold Class has 16 seats and requires a special ticket, the Family Class has 26 seats and Standard Class has 88 seats.

6. The average distance between 2 given stations of Doha Metro is 2 minutes time.

7. The architecture of the station has been made keeping in mind the traditional “Bedouin Tents”.