The time of COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that heroes may not wear capes, but they certainly wear a mask and scrubs. The appreciation for the medical professional and frontline workers grows many folds and now reputed footwear brand CROCS is showing it in their unique way. The company will be gifting a wonderful pair of their beloved shoes to all frontline workers in Hamad Medical Corporation.
In a statement released yesterday, they said ‘WE’RE SHARING A FREE PAIR FOR HEALTHCARE
As a pioneer in casual footwear, our goal as a brand has always been to keep people comfortable in their own shoes and now, in the face of adversity, there are certain individuals who need that comfort now more than ever. They are undoubtedly the healthcare workers, who relentlessly serve humanity through the toughest of times. Healthcare workers have our deepest respect, and we are humbled to be able to show them some love during this unprecedented time.
Crocs is happy to gift a free pair of shoes to the healthcare workers of Hamad Hospital, Qatar on the frontlines of ongoing situation.
Crocs sandals are made out of a rubber-like molded polymer resin and are waterproof that can be easily washed off, which is an advantage for the healthcare workers as they can easily clean up before they go home to their families. This not only provides ease on the feet, but also ease on the mind.’
It is truly an honorable gesture to appreciate the ones working so hard to protect us from the infection of COVID-19.