Head Of Vaccination at MoPH, Dr. Soha Al Bayat confirmed that age-limit for ongoing COVID19 vaccination has been further lowered for expats. This is to increase the number of people vaccinated by the summer 2021.

The health official urged everyone to register on the Ministry’s website to receive the vaccination. As per MoPH, the next phase shall start soon and non-Qataris will also have lower age groups. For now, the age limit for non-Qataris is 50 years and above which also included chronic illnesses. For Qataris, all age groups shall be considered.

In a very informative Instagram Live QnA session Head of Vaccination at MoPH, Dr. Soha Al Bayat addressed multiple topics “The online registration will facilitate when you meet the requirements of priority groups to get an appointment to receive the vaccine.”

She further said that, “To be honest we still don’t know for how long we will have to live with COVID-19. But by summer, we hope that the majority of the population across the world will receive the vaccine and make it very difficult for it to transmit from one person to the other.”

Dr. Al Bayat also elucidated the difference between the COVID-19 vaccines developed by Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and others. 

She further spoke “There are so many other countries and companies that have developed the COVID-19 vaccine or are in the process of developing one. Those vaccines are available around the world, being used and have a good outcome. The one we have in Qatar so far is Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna. And we are looking into the possibility of bringing other vaccines”.

Source : Cover