Friends are the family that we choose, and they care like the latter one too. From school friends to college friends to the ones we get close to in office, friendships are unique. Given today’s busy times and with so much of FOMO going on around, it becomes difficult to maintain communication. Add a long-distance factor into it and you might think all is lost. But that is not so! Below are some foolproof ideas curated by Radio Olive 106.3 FM RJs to make sure that your best-friends are as close as they can be no matter how far you are distance-wise :

1. Tagging and sharing memories

Keeping the memories fresh is the purpose behind this one. The random pictures taken where either of you looked bad which was uploaded on various social media platforms for sheer annoyance, is now a treasured memory as are all those private jokes.

2. Long-distance shopping suggestions

Something that is common with every girl bestie, whenever they go out shopping, girl bffs send their shopping photos to their significant besties. No matter the distance, besties should always look pretty.

3. Time difference calculation to set a common time to call

All long-distance best friends now have a time-table in their head which is attuned to their besties schedule. There are special appointments set at a respectable time of the day for both with at least 1 hour for all the gossip session.

4. WhatsApp groups

For the perfect gang, WhatsApp groups are a boon. All your favorite and most loved memes about your friends will be shared here and they won’t spare you either no matter which corner of the world you live in.

5. Planning group trips

The one thing that makes us feel closer to our long-distance bestie is the anticipation of meeting them. The kind of plans that were previously restricted by school or college timings are now your priority and it helps that,even though they might not happen any time soon, planning is always fun.

6. Every bestie home-visit is planned before visiting one’s own home

This is a must that you will plan a visit to your friend’s place even before you plan a trip home. Actually, home trips are planned keeping in mind your bestie’s birthday and related important dates.