And you thought you’re the biggest fan of Shah Rukh Khan. Lets take take a look at the number of people who’ll make you burn out of jealousy!

The biggest fan club founder of SRK
Mohammad Ashraf, who is based out of Maldives, is the owner of SRK Universe on Twitter which currently has 398K followers and fans based in every country. The man distributes merchandise to more than 50,000 people on important occasions related to SRK. By the way, this costs him more than 90% of his earnings, but he’s a fan of the King of Bollywood and it doesn’t get bigger than this! He has a fan base built in about 35 countries.

I Was SPEECHLESS When I Saw Shah Rukh Khan Muhammad Ashraf Video


Vi-Shah Rukh Singh
You’ve only imagined putting up his pictures on the wall of your room may be? Or just making wallpaper out of his posters and pictures? Someone’s already done it, and guess what, his whole house is covered with SRK’s pictures. His car, walls of his house and everything in the house is covered with SRK!

srk fan1

srk fan2

The gatecrasher who wanted to swim in SRK’s Pool
He came, he swam, and he hugged and vanished. All he wanted to do was swim in SRK’s swimming pool. How cool? He didn’t even take an autograph; he just hugged him and ran away!

srk swimming pool fan 18 1455795891

source fanzfever

The girl with SRK’s tattoo on her back
Paramveer Kaur has SRK’s face tattooed on her back

srk fan3