Biological Clock

Today is a very important day, at least where all our bodies’ functions are concerned. It is Biological Clock day or Circadian rhythm day. Circadian rhythms or our biological clock is responsible for many of our activities. These activities include sleep, hunger, moods and our body’s immunity levels. The body’s biological clock gets unsettled because of many factors like stress, lack of exercise and other small but harmful habits. This affects our way of sleeping, nourishment, thinking, fighting diseases and so on and so forth. Now that the importance of the biological clock has been established, let us talk on how we can keep a healthy and happy biological clock to make sure we remain stress-free and happy :

1. Sunrise and Sunset : these times are very important for the body to reset its biological clock. It is advised to step out, maybe just in the lawn or balcony, as close to Sunrise and Sunset as possible reset the biological clock.

2. Exposure to Natural Light : the body has a very interesting way of thinking. It understands that the active functions have to be performed in bright light and minimum functions are to be performed when the lights are low. Going out for a walk or just letting natural light in through the window are great resetters. Additionally, one should ditch fluorescent lights whenever possible.

3. Avoid Naps : biological clock is also triggered by how much rest one’s body needs. When in need of a reset for biological clock, make sure to avoid napping in the day time till the rhythms of your body are settled.

4. Limit Screentime at Night : there are definitely millions of distractions online but they should distract you from your sleep. Limiting screen time gives the body a much needed break making the brain realise how tired it is effectively lulling it to sleep.

5. Do Not Push Sleep time : humans are the only animals who push sleep time even when sleepy, This affects the body’s rhythms negatively. Remember to not push your body and always sleep when that first wave of drowsiness hits. It is the body signaling for rest and taking care of other bodily functions like rest to the heart, brain and other digestive organs.

Biological Clock