Elephants are fascinating creatures. Being the largest of all land mammals on Earth, many aspects of their huge anatomy are a source of amazement themselves, whilst their high level of social development makes them an intriguing subject for observation.

World Elephant Day – August 12, 2020


Here are the facts about these amazing creatures:

  • African elephants are slightly larger than their Asian counterparts & proportionally larger years.
  • African Elephant has the largest brain in the animal kingdom- it can weigh up to 5kg!. Asian elephants weigh about 5400kg & African elephants up to 6000kg!
  • Elephants walk at about 4mph & also they are able to swim long distances. They are the only mammals that can’t jump.

  • An elephant’s trunk is a very impressive multi-tool. Besides being a long nose used for smelling, breathing, and trumpeting, it is also used as a hand to grab things – it is sensitive enough to pick up a blade of grass and strong enough to rip the branches off a tree. The trunk is also used as a huge straw – elephants can suck up to 14 liters of water a time into their trunks
  • Female elephants remain pregnant for 2 years – the longest gestation period of all mammals. Having a baby elephant is no small commitment either. You may ask how much does an elephant weigh at birth, and the answer is a staggering 120kg.

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  • Elephants are able to recognize themselves using mirrors. Such displays of self-recognition indicate a very high level of awareness and are something that only humans, apes, cetaceans, and magpies are otherwise known to do.

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