With all of us being especially (almost surgically) attached to our phones and gadgets for every update at every second of the day, it becomes important for us to be able to make that battery last for the longest time. Do not fret for the charging as we help you out.

On this special day, we will share with you some of our sneaky tricks to make sure that you and your phone battery make it through a busy active day.

  1.  First thing first, charge your phone with its original charger and cable. It extends the battery life as well charges your battery faster.
  2.  Whenever charging, make sure that you do it from a new socket so that battery drainage is reduced.
  3.  Go to your “Setting” and check the “Battery Usage” section to figure out which app is draining your battery and turn it off.
  4.   Auto Brightness is a great bet for you to save your battery life. Make sure to turn it on so that your power consumption is at a minimum.
  5.  Automatic Updates are the silent stealers of your battery life. Make sure that automatic downloads and updates are off to extend those extra selfie minutes.
  6.    Your phone’s Low Power Mode will become your new best friend on saving power as it keeps a check on other background apps. Make sure to make good use of it.
  7.    Auto-Lock is not just for security but for battery too. Minimize your Auto-Lock to an average time of 1 minute and reduce battery drainage.
  8.    Wallpaper options that are Dynamic will end up consuming power for no reason. Make sure to keep the option to “Still” instead of “Dynamic”, so that you can have more energy to move.
  9.    Vibrations are not good for your heart, adjoining appliances and of course for your battery life. Make sure Vibrations settings are “Off” for an extended battery life.
  10.   Unless you are tracking your every move turn off any location based services including GPS to save those precious percentages.