The highly-anticipated ‘Aspire Lake Festival’ comes to an end !! Thousands of people visited the park to celebrate the event. Aspire Zone Foundation in partnership with Katara and Ooredoo led the festivities. Aspire Lake Festival was a three-day event which started from 9th November. The performers for the event arrived in Doha a few days back. The event was a visual treat as the performances were with specially designed light effects and soothing music background scores. Aspire Park Foundation arranged a vast seating area to accommodate more than 1500 spectators who expressed their interest in attending the festival on different social media platforms. Visitors commented that ‘This kind of events are new in Qatar and it combines cultural and artistic elements. Artists performed in a stage set up on Aspire Lake and on different gondolas cruising on the lake. It was a great show and a great experience for Qatar. After this successful event, Aspire Park has become one of the most popular destinations for both recreational and sporting events.