Born on 29 august 1958, Michael Jackson has been known for his legendary performances and amazing music collaborations. A hit for every 80s and 90s born person, Michael has been an inspiration for dance and singing. The literal inventor of Moon Walk on stage, his status is something that most singers now aim to achieve. To celebrate the legend’s birth anniversary here is a list of the choicest songs selected by 106.3 FM Radio Olive :

1. Beat It 
A classic from the album “Thriller 25” this one sold close to 66 million copies and for good reasons too. It is a great addition to any MJ fan’s collection.
2. Black Or White
This MJ number was a must-dance to track when it first came out in the year 1991. Even today it is considered as a great hit in the clubs for its food-tapping music.
3. They Don’t Care About Us
For a generation which was spouting out strong emotions in the year 1995, this song was a respite and it quickly became an anthem for anyone with a purpose.
4. Dangerous
No need for introduction to this one, a cult hit, this one rocked the charts right from its release in the year 1991.
5. We Are The World
This one from the album “The Ultimate Collection” is still touted as the greatest Pop hit. Michael’s treatment of this song with a great purpose of togetherness for humanity gathered a lot of appreciation.
6. Rock With You
Lyricist Rod Temperton claimed the limelight just as much as Jackson for creating this song. A classic Quincy Jones -M.J collaboration, it was an obvious hit.
7. Hold My Hand
The final tribute to MJ by the popular Akon, this was the last song featuring the legend after his tragic death. It was much applauded song given the sentiment of the song and MJ’s special appearance.