It’s Refreshment Day today! A Cup Of Brook Bond Red Label Tea is all you need to refresh yourself for a new beginning. Whether you like it hot, or you like it cold, it’s clear, tea wakes up the senses like no other beverage. This Refreshment Day, Radio Olive along with Brook Bond Red Label Tea have brought you #speakyourheart. Speak your heart out and tell us how you like to refresh yourself. You can send your answers on WhatsApp to +974 3311 1063 before 7 pm today.

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Along with gifts, tea also brings many benefits with it, and below is a list of many such ingredients that you can add to your Brooke Bond Red Label tea and make it more refreshing. Read on and do tell us your favorite addition to the cup :

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  1. Ginger: a great mood elevator and digestive aid, just grate a spoonful of the root into your daily concoction to get maximum benefits.
  2. Mint: the anti-inflammatory qualities of this herb are well known. Just 4-5 leaves crushed and added to ice-tea can take care of any bad breath and sullen mood.
  3. Basil: another green with much appreciated antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties will work great in this weather. It imparts a certain earthy flavor to the tea charging the tastebuds.
  4. Lime: citrus lime is known as a great aid to weight loss and to gain nutritional properties of the tea. Add a dash of lemony lime into black tea to enjoy the refreshment.
  5. Cinnamon: it is not just a baking ingredient, rather a certified blood sugar regulator too. One pinch is enough to uplift your tea’s sugar relates benefits.
  6. Maple Syrup: refreshment can be healthy too. To make sure your tea is healthier, switch sugar with maple syrup and enjoy tea guilt-free.
  7. Honey: just one spoonful of honey is great goodness to your immune system. Add just honey instead of sugar to reap more from your cup of refreshment.

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