50000 People benefit from Qatar’s “Our Eid is One Initiative -2”

QATAR’s Eid Al Adha Initiative 2.0 has benefited more than 50,000 people!

Let’s slip through the details:-

The Qatar government joined the members of the expatriate community living in Qatar in the joy of “Eid Al Adha” by launching the “Our Eid is One initiative – 2” in order to help them to celebrate Eid at their homes and to convey the importance of staying at their residences for the prevention of the spread of COVID – 19. The second phase of the initiative is executed as a continuation of the “Our Eid is One initiative – 1”, which was implemented during the last Eid Al Fitr.

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Under this initiative, 50000 Qatar residents from 17 nationalities benefitted from 25000 food coupons including necessary food materials for the Eid. The coupons were distributed on the first day of Eid at a function held in the headquarters of the Qatar Charity in Lusail in the presence of 40 officials representing embassies and community organizations

Jointly initiated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), the Ministry of Interior (MoI), the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MDLSA), Qatar Charity and Ooredoo, ‘Our Eid is One Initiative’ has come as another step that strengthens the bond between Qatar and members of expatriate communities in Qatar and also as a support and care by the Qatar government towards ensuring the welfare of its expatriate communities during the tough time of the Covid-19.


The embassies of Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Tunisia, Gambia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Kenya and expat community organizations such as the Bangladeshi Community Organization, the Indian Community Benevolent Forum, the Indian Cultural Centre, the Kerala Muslim Cultural Centre,  the Cultural Forum, the Indonesian Community Association – Permica, the Indian Community Center, the Helping Hands – Al  Khor, the Filipino Community in Qatar, the Non-Resident Nepalese Association, the Thrissur Dt. Souhruda Vedi, the Kerala Cultural Center and the Sri Lankan Community Development Forum will benefit mainly from the “Our Eid is One Initiative – 2”. The coupons received by the community representatives will be distributed among the needy members of the community including the families, individuals, and workers.


To convey the joy of happiness on the occasion of Eid Al Adha, as part of the initiative, a total of 25000 Eid greeting cards also were distributed among the community members along with food coupons and to spread the joy among the children of the needy families from the communities, 3000 gifts were also distributed. In addition to this, 4000 gifts will be distributed among the residents of  Covid -19 quarantine facility in Umm Sulal and several gifts and Ooredoo recharge coupons among the workers.


For ensuring the reach of the benefit of this initiative, the Ministry of Interior in cooperation with Ministry of Labour set up a Google registration link and shared that link with leaders of all community organizations who were part of this initiative, while Qatar Charity coordinated with Al Meera for the delivery of the food kits through Al Meera branches in different parts of Qatar.


After closing the registration deadline, the data of each community and organizations were handed over to the community leaders and then, the community leaders were asked to deliver the coupons to those who registered in order to collect the food kits from various branches of Al Meera supermarkets.