5 Interesting facts about Diwali !!

5 Interesting facts about Diwali !!

  • It’s a celebration of good triumphing over evil, and different legends based on this theme are associated with Diwali. In northern India, Hindus celebrate the return of the deities (gods) Rama and Sita to the city of Ayodhya, after defeating the evil king Ravana!

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  • In the region of Bengal people worship the goddess Kali, the destroyer of evil forces, during Diwali. And in Nepal (a country bordering north-east India), people celebrate Lord Krishna’s victory over the wicked king Narakaasura.

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  • Rangoli is a popular Diwali tradition –– beautiful patterns made using colorful powders and flowers. People draw rangoli on the floor by the entrance of their homes to welcome the gods and bring good luck!

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  • The city of Leicester, in the United Kingdom, holds the largest Diwali celebrations outside of India. Every year, tens of thousands of people gather in the streets to enjoy vibrant shows of light, music, and dancing!


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  • It would be a surprise for most of the people that it was the day of Diwali when the foundation stone of the Golden Temple was laid and the festival is celebrated by the Sikhsat the Golden Temple since 1577.

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