Amitabh Bachchan’s “Deewar” is counted as a cult classic in all of Bollywood. From iconic scenes, epic dialogues to the larger than life portrayal of BigB, the movie has its own fan following. His stardom at the time was such that this movie was a blockbuster. The dialogues are a hit even now. But we bet there are a few things you didn’t know about the movie. Read on to find out what made “Deewar” even more interesting behind the scenes :

1. Big B was shooting for “Deewaar” and “Sholay” simultaneously. So he would end up shooting “Deewaar” in the night and continue with “Sholay” in the morning.

2. The style statement of the half-tucked shirt also is interesting. The shirt that Amitabh was given was a tad too long. To make it fit, he tucked half of it inside making it a new style statement of the time.

3. Initially Rajesh Khanna was the choice for the role and Yash Chopra was looking forward to having him. As circumstances will have it, Salim-Javed were not keen on the having the actor so the role fell into Bachchan’s lap.

4. The film is classified as “All Time Earner” as it ran for 100 weeks. It went on to gross 1 crore rupees across the territory and made quite a stir.

5. Money became a factor in writer Salim-Javed’s life too. They demanded a sum of 8 lac rupees at the time which was clearly unheard of at those times.