The Holy Month of Ramadaan is upon us and it is important that we take care of ourselves. Making sure that we are hydrated and destressed is a priority. To make sure that your body gets hydrated during Iftar below are some interesting beverages that you can enjoy to feel replenished.

1. Tamer Hindi or Tamarind Juice

The tangy juice is a Middle East staple for Ramadaan.  The Vitamins in the beverage make it a perfect Iftaar drink.



2. Amar Al Din or Apricot Juice

It looks like mango juice but tastes a lot different and has plenty of health benefits.

Amar Al Din


3. Balah bel Laban or Milk with Dates

It is more of a dessert drink   as it can be drunk and eaten. The dates are melted perfectly in the milk and a lipsmacking delight.

Balah bel Laban


4. Liquorice Drink or Erk Sous

The drink smells like a little candy cup. It tastes even better as it is served at Iftaar with more fruits and food.

Erk Sous


5. Khoshaf

Dried fruits, apricots, plums and many more sweet nuts are boiled together with sweeteners and rose water. It is then chilled into the fruit-salad drink you can gorge on.