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All of Bollywood is now mourning the loss of actor Irrfan Khan. The actor, who had recovered from neuroendocrine tumour in 2019, passed away of a colon infection. Khan had debuted in Bollywood with the movie “Salaam Bombay” in the year 1988.  Since then he had been active in Bollywood and Hollywood with remarkable performances under his belt. These include, Haasil, Maqbool, Paan Singh Tomar, Life Of Pi and many more. Irrfan had been decorated with many awards in his illustrious career but the actor never forgot from where he came. He received multiple Filmfare awards and a Padma Shri. His legacy and love for the art will live on for many years to come. Below we give you 5 films of Irrfan Khan that showed off his mettle:

1. Paan Singh Tomar

From a soldier, to an athlete to finally a dacoit, the story of Paan Singh Tomar was made with simplicity and grit. Irrfan’s delivery with a penchant for absolute perfection made the role one to remember.

Paan Singh Tomar

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2. Maqbool

Vishal Bharadwaj wanted someone who could do a range of emotions and sift through them with ease. Of course, the first name that came to his mind was Irrfan and we all came to know why after watching the movie.


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3. Piku

A fun and light movie showing the complexity of a father-daughter relationship, it brought out a different side of Khan. The light and airy chemistry between Deepika Padukone, supported by Amitabh, he was truly the star of the picture.


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4. The Lunchbox

Catching on to small nuances of a character and bringing them to life on silver screen were Irrfan’s favorite work. This movie with subtle emotions and a strong connect made an impact on every person who watched it.

The Lunchbox

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5. Hindi Medium

One of the finest and most awe-inspiring performances of Irrfan, he proved he could fit into any given role. A comedy-drama addressing an important social issue delivered its message perfectly all thanks to Irrfan.

Hindi Medium

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