Garangao festival which marks the 14th day of the Ramadan Fasting is a fun-filled celebration for young children. At this time, Souq Waqif is seeing many buying family packs of nuts and sweets for kids to give as gifts.

Garangao is traditional party for children across the Gulf region which marks the half of Holy Month. Young ones sing sing ‘Garangao Garangao Atona Atona, Allah Yatikom (Give us, Allah will give you), while visiting their neighbors for gifts

Given the difficult circumstances across the world, this year too the celebration shall be same as last year. There will be competitions of dress and other cultural events. As per directive, though, there will be no sweets or gift distribution to the children.

To celebrate the Garangao festival, girls wear traditional gowns with embroidery and gold jewellery like earrings, necklaces, and bangles, while boys wear traditional Qatari dress ‘Thawb,’ jackets, and caps. 

Last year, the Ministry of Culture and Sports celebrated the festival by deploying buses that distributed sterilised and closed Garangao gifts to children at their doorsteps using loudspeakers to air the Garangao song, wishing safety, health, and joy to all. 

Garangao encourages children to learn about their traditions and customs.