Ooredoo and The Ministry Of Public Healthy are collaborating for a new initiative to support children affected with Autism in Qatar. 

Ooredoo, in partnership with the MoPH, has sponsored 2 important events in honour of World Autism Day. In the first one,  there was an international collaborative workshop with the World Health Organisation on March 31was conducted. After that, the event was followed by the Qatar Annual Autism Symposium — held virtually this year — on April 2-3, 2021. Ooredoo stated that their aim is to support parents and caretakers of children with autism and also support professionals specializing in autism spectrum disorders through this initiative.

The symposium is continuing this year too with their previous theme : ‘Building a comprehensive, inclusive early intervention framework for children with an autism spectrum disorder.’’ This symposium will include workshops which work in two directions : towards both parents and education and healthcare professionals. This is hosted by speakers from Qatar and further afield. The pre-symposium workshop is titled ‘Developing Professional Competencies and Programmes of Training for Special Needs and Autism in Qatar’, was directed to participants from the MoPH, Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Various stakeholders from health and education institutes also took part in the symposium, such as Qatar Foundation, HMC, PHC, private facilities, and schools were also invited.