Winters 2020 in Qatar are marked by multiple festivals which keep getting better by the day. This time we are talking about the Light Me Lusail Festival due to start tomorrow. Visitors will see some amazing light art installations in the Lusail Marina Eastern and South Promenade. A mesmerizing show which will captivate viewers as well as mark a solid position in Tourism for Qatar. Read below to find out more about the enchanting festival :

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Source : dohalife.com 

1. It is the International Light and Digital Media festival famous for its extraordinary light art installations.
2. Light Me will continue for 4 days at the Lusail Marina Eastern and South Promenade from 5:30 pm to 11:30 pm and show off captivating light works.
3. There will be 2 KMS of space for celebrating this festival which will feature 12 Art Light Installations, two Boat Routes, LML Cars. Visitors can enjoy all this along with food and beverages.
4. The festival is to mark Qatar as a definite place for Tourism and Cultural Hub as well as deliver innovative entertainment solutions.
5. It also aims to promote diversity and unity among the local communities of Qatar through the universal language of art.
6. The light festival will be the perfect place for family visits and photo ops with beautifully lit scenery.

So, make sure to have a great time there tomorrow and keep tuned to 106.3 FM Radio Olive for more information.

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Source : qatarliving.com