Radio Olive 106.3 FM always brings its audience news that affects us in positive ways. This one comes from the General Directorate of Passports. From a statement released by them, the monthly statistics of the transactions completed through General Directorate of Passports in June 2019 showed a significant increase as it offered 1,556,867 transactions through its various departments such as Expatriate Affairs, Borders Passports, Airport Passports, Search and Follow Up, Unified Services and Support Services Department.

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In June 2019,  61,432 transactions were completed at Expatriates Affairs Department while Unified Services Department completed 212,763 transactions. Airport Passports Department offered 1,188,034 transactions and Borders Passports offered 7,683 transactions during the last month. Within the same time period, Search and Follow up Department recorded completion of 42,922 transactions while Visa Support Services Department completed 47,948 transactions.

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When it came to the number of transactions completed at MOI services centres during June, Al Rayyan Services Center topped with 19.5% of transactions which delivered 41,436 transactions right above Wakra Services Center with 12.2% which completed 26,025 transactions and finally Mesaimeer Services Centre which completed 24,233 transactions with 11.4%.

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It was noted that the total number of traffic and fingerprint services at these centres reached 27,667. In last month the number of traffic services delivered was 21,035 while the total number of fingerprint transactions were 6,632.

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Along with this, the General Directorate of Passports provided 718 transactions for the elderly, persons with disabilities in June 2019 while the number of transactions that were exempted from fees for some services for special needs and pensioners in June reached 1270 transactions. In the same period, 51,383 recruitment approval applications were also submitted.

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There were 186,862 transactions carried through various electronic channels, out of which 287 were completed via E-government services while 104,136 were handled by the Ministry of the Interior website and 82,439 transactions were delivered by Metrash2 mobile app.

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The Directorate General of Passports continuously works to develop and improve its services for the public through its specialized departments by implementing the best standards. It is evident for everyone that the Directorate also monitors the various transactions to ensure that the transactions for the public can be completed in simple steps and in record time.